This is not the Nike tagline that we all know. What this is, as a matter of fact, is a story I heard when I was still searching for my purpose. It was about a man who had an idea, and ten years later turned that idea into a big company where he sold $77 Billion in revenue. For this guy, business in America is in a crisis situation today, and to get the groove going for you to win in your business will be a very very big achievement.

With this man, I have learned many things about winning in the business world. First thing you have to do to win in a business is get excited. Just as how you are excited when you wake up in the morning to go to school and see your friends when you were still young, that is the excitement you should have throughout your entire life. People won’t follow a negative crybaby, what they want to follow are positive, energetic winners. Be excited to come to work, to fulfill all your tasks and it will make every day easy for you. Another key is to become a dreamer. When you are excited about something, you gotta have dreams, like you did when you were young. You were excited about getting your apartment, landing that first job and finding that special someone. Like they all say, dream, believe and survive. In order to win in business, you have to feel good about yourself. In tough times, you have to stand for something and be controversial. You can be good and tough at the same time, without any pretentions. It’s your ability to get back up when you get knocked down to the ground that will help you win in this business. In this business world, you have to make that commitment. It’s like how you win in a marriage, that you can win in business as well. Everything is not going to turn out the way you want to, but come to think of it, you can’t turn your back on your wife or husband, and it’s the same thing for your business. When hard times occur, you can’t just say I give up. Like you can’t throw your wife or husband or children away if something turns sour, you know what I mean? Another thing to win in business is to know how to take care of your employees. The only way to manage your people is treat them good. Sour times come along the way, but always treat them with appreciation and gratitude. There are a lot of people that you can find to work for you, but when you know how to say thank you and good job to your folks, you don’t even have to go through the route of finding people to work for you, because your people will stay loyal to you because you have built that trust with them.

So what is the difference with the winners and the regular business people? The regular people who has a business can do the same as the winners in the business. They can do all the things I mentioned above without lifting a finger. The difference? The regular people do it. The winners do it. And they do it again. And they do it again. And again. And again. Whatever it takes. Until they get the job done. That is the winning edge.